ConversionPoint Technologies Makes e-Commerce Marketing Smarter with Machine Learning – Releases “Cruise Control” Update

ConversionPoint Technologies, Inc., a leading e-Commerce customer acquisition platform, has released Cruise Control, a machine learning update to the company’s media optimization module, DriveBy, which intelligently automates its key functions.

The addition of machine learning to the ConversionPoint platform allows e-Commerce marketers to deploy infinitely more combinations of media buys and landing pages, resulting in real-time analysis of a company’s entire media buy environment and an increase in ROI.

Cruise Control enables the media optimization module to continually learn from its results. It matches media buy information with landing page information, analyzes the results at the point of conversion, and then automates the best combinations for optimal cost-per-acquisition (CPA).

“Our goal is to make the conversion process as simple and effective as possible,” said Haig Newton, CTO of ConversionPoint Technologies. “The Cruise Control update was designed with this in mind, making media optimization more effective at lowering CPA.”

“We recognize it is crucial that technology adapts to the way consumers interact with media, which can often be unpredictable,” continued Newton. “The best e-Commerce solution must be flexible and trainable, with algorithms that can rapidly analyze and predict results from all possible combinations. As more new media channels come online, traditional methods of media optimization simply become too difficult or even impossible for humans to perform in high volume. DriveBy with Cruise Control makes it possible in an easy and highly-effective way.”

Robert Tallack, CEO of ConversionPoint Technologies, commented: “e-Commerce marketers are challenged with the increase in variety of media channels. That means we must use increasingly sophisticated advertising and conversion tactics to track online users across the omnichannel experience, and communicate with them using a coordinated, intelligent approach. Our Cruise Control update adds that ‘secret sauce’ to drive down CPA and increase conversions at an accelerated rate.”

About ConversionPoint Technologies

ConversionPoint Technologies, Inc. changes how companies connect to the buyer journey from first click to conversion to customer. The company’s e-Commerce customer acquisition platform drives conversions through media optimization, CRM, and robust post-purchase modules that automate product delivery and remarketing. The result is a powerful SaaS enabling e-Commerce customer acquisition for brands and companies which lowers customer cost-per-acquisition (CPA) and boosts lifetime value (LTV). Connect on Twitter, LinkedIn or

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